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2004 index

2004 index

2004 index

Dido - This Land is Mine Sharon Olds -Sex Without Love Montreal Rain
Bic Runga - Beautiful Collision Robert Graves -Among Thieves Doze.com
Karl Jenkins - Chorale VI Charles Tomlinson -Through Binoculars cjginline Melmo, Sweden
Stevie Nicks-Paris in April -Thrown Down Czeslaw Milosz -Guilt/Doris Langley Moore -Epilogue  Envelope Art: Computer Sphinx
Hootie & The Blowfish - I go Blind Lawrence Ferlinghetti -see it was like this Montana Ranch 1
Kate Bush - Saxophone Song Stanley Kunitz Touch Me / Geoffrey Hill -September Song Montana Ranch: 2
Jesse Cook - Fragile Edna St. Vincent Millay -To P: Well, I have lost you Reflecting Absence
Jazmenco - Train to Paris Tu Sonrisa Stephan Gould - A Time of Gifts Mom. 
Christopher Cross - The Light is On Will Weaver - A Gravestone Made of Wheat Envelope Art: Pilot
Christopher Cross -Minstrel Gigolo Joan Didion - Marrying Absurd  
Celeste Krenz - Don't Send Me No Love Ezra Pound - In a Station of the Metro  


  2004 index II 2004 index II
Bonnie Rait Runaway Joyce Carol Oates Recollections in Tranquility World Map
Bic Runga PreciousThings David Budbil This Shining Moment in the Now Globes on Gas
Partridge Family Bandala Karen Koto Infidelity Holland & Holland
ee cummings may i feel said she
Sade Feel no Pain Robert Frost Nothing Gold Can Stay VT Fall  1  2  3  4
Everything But The Girl Better Things Philip Levine On Me!
MK /Paris One More Chance Sara King  Men Come, Men Go, But Laundry is Forever Come Away With Me
Capercaillie God's Alibi Wordsworth Tintern Abbey Picasso
J. Stewart No Color in the Blues N. Hawthorne On Humility Just me, I luv u
R. Downy Jr. Cry me a River E. W. Garber Feasting Angel --over Montana
Ann Murray Born in Bethlehem Arthur Krystal - Who Speaks For The Lazy  (abstract) Les zee
Capercaillie:  The Crooked Mountain Thomas Hardy Snow in the Suburbs Coastal


  2005 index 2005 index
Terry Jacks Seasons in the Sun To K Pairis-Roubaix
Bic Runga Listening for the Weather Ted Hughes Pibroch Il Giro
Thievery Corporation The Richest Man in Babylon W. H. Auden  Musée des Beaux Arts  KavaTheCat.com
Capercaillie The Price of Fire Ford Maddox Ford What the Orderly Dog Saw No-Hands-Hands-Free
  ee cummings somewhere i have never traveled   Envelope Art:  Faces
 L Jordan  Track 2 Langston Hughes Salvation Envelope Art -Hands
Zoë Griffith-Jones Who am I to Say? Traveling Waze 2 C the world
George Straight Au Revoir-avec dieu Balzac, M.S. Merwin Good Night Just Lips 
  Gail Goodwin To Noble Companions Gabriel  García Márquez
Ron Sexsmith Imaginary Friends Karl Jay Shapiro Buick 2 Wheel Mad


  2006 index 2006 index
Randy Travis No Hands Hans Magnus Enzensberger The Divorce The colors of  Bennington-
  Sharon Olds The Planned Child The Colors of William Blake
  Leseley Hazleton The Traveler's Lost and Found The colors of Bic Runga
  Wilfred Owen  Greater Love The Fall of Icarus
  Sharon Olds  I Love it When cjg off line
  Amiri Baraka -LeRoy Jones- I n Memory of Radio Cape Town Tudor Hotel-The Piano Tuner
Prudence Johnson  Noel    Floyd Dell   My Sixth Christmas  
  Ralf Waldo Emerson Give All to Love  
  Joan Didion Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream Pending Doom
  Anne Sexton  Cinderella Pending Doom: Cinderella Take
Jim Cowan  When All is Said and Done Kate Chopin   The Dream of an Hour Bikes Chained to Poles
  Book of Tao Reflecting Truth  
  Tony Hoagland   And the Men Mother


  2007 index 2007 index
Bitter Sweet The Mating Game Barbara Crooker In The Middle Happy New Year EB55
Dido Worthless Deborah Cummins Just One God African Phases
Kate Bush  Saxophone Song   Robert Graves Warning to Children Kate Bush
Kate Bush   Moving Siegfried Sassoon Counter Attack Surge Silences
Kate Bush L'amour Looks Like Something Like This Wilfred Owen Dulce et Decorum est Farm Pics
Kate Bush  How to be Invisible George Bilgere Holy Wedlock  /  Great Cathedrals Twins @ Work
East of Basra SAIGON Jack Gilbert  Refusing Heaven Just Bikes
Perla Batalla La Llorona Edgar Allen Poe Eldorado VeloWeen 2007
Dolly P  Remakes in Motion Gregory Corso Marriage Bikes on Edge
  David Sedaris  Turbulence  


2008 index





Bette Midler Beast of Burden Samuel Hazo The Necessary
                            Brevity of Pleasure
The Mammals Bitter Sweet  Dirty Laundry
The Mammals Chan Chan William Butler Yates The Second Coming Albuquerque Int'l Balloon Fiesta 2008 Once Upon a time in the West
The Mammals Bush Baby Lawrence Ferlinghetti i am waiting Play it Like Mozart
Ron Sexsmith Cold Hearted Wind Allison Pearson Wife of The Year Cape Of Good Hope
Fleet Foxes  White Winter Hymnal Spit Sir Elliot Husband of The Year Moon Shine
David P Barash Want a Man or a Worm? Rack-et

Travel Works Word it
Bombay Air Kiss This

2009 index

  ?  NFL elite B L D    Small Change Romeos
Loquat Swingset Chain William Matthews Friends


  2010 index
nnnn  Walking in the Air    
Kildare     WHAT DOES IT TAKE    


2013:  CeylonCeylon


2011:  MyanmarMyanmar


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