Red Lode Via Chief Jo-Jo - August '09    .
Thanks Everyone!

Hit a Skunk this big Arrivals Welcome to MT

The Prince is Here Sag Truck Compacts Wyo Bike Mobile
Bike shop too? Bike Mobile II Sleep Walkers The Package
  Blur Here we go! The Exile


Let's Get It On!

We'll get 4 group
photos on the top.
  Steroid Search STR  

Sunrise From The Saddle

Perfect Departure Time

Perfect Departure Time

DayBreak. Away


Diling in the wind
for the day
Inching up the wind a notch

The last we'll see of JJ

Pesonally, I'm outtahere!

Pacemaker Check.

Climb a-long Climb

Share The Road


Sag Salvation


Share the Bottle

Towards The Summits

The Great Wind Down

Alas, Rain never Came!
Flower Champs

After the feat, rest

The Princess Has Left The Room


Bye-bye for now